your sons’s first app

Did you know that is easier to learn something new when you’re having fun? Mummpi Learning is a fantastic app that teaches kids new words while they play.

With this new and free app toddlers will be able to learn new vocabulary, improve pronunciation and even start the basics of a new language.

In the meantime kids are watching wonderful images and scenarios and hearing the sounds.

Like in any of our games, the presence of the parents is not indispensable, but it is a great plus. Mummpi Learning is more effective and fun when you’re around to help and share the moment with your kids.

The first categories are completely free and whenever you want, you can choose a new one to play & learn. There are 18 different categories available and 5 different languages.

Mummpi Learning is available for IOS & Android and was specifically developed both for iPad and for iPhone rations from animals, objects, fruits, etc. learn their names and how their pronounced.

18 different categories

Animals, colours, nature, body parts, shapes, fruits, transports and much more.

5 languages

Use it in your own language or as a tool to start learning other languages. (English, Portuguese (EU), Portuguese (Brazil), Chinese and Arabic)


With sounds so that kids can learn new words, improve pronunciation and just laugh.

about us

Mummpi Learn & Play is a collection of apps for toddlers and older kids that allows them to learn new things while having fun.

Skills related to language, math and logic can be trained without kids even noticing it! For them is nothing but a fun game to play. All Mummpi apps are designed to be played alone or with the help of parents, which can turn every game into a bit of family time.

Mummpi Learn & Play apps are developed by Monday Interactive and are available for IOS, Android and also for iPad and iPhone.



With funny images, scenarios and sounds, Mummpi’s apps are a great way to play games and have fun with every challenge.


With Mummpi kids can learn new vocabulary and improve skills related to language and also math and logic.


Mummpi’s games can be played alone or with the help of parents, which makes them even more fun.

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